Team Captain QuickStart Guide

Thanks for partnering up with Play It Forward Sports. We’re excited that you’re using this tournament as an opportunity to raise money for an important charity.

As the “Team Captain” you’ll set-up and manage your Team Fundraising page. This page needs be created before your players are able to register and begin fundraising.

Simply follow the following instructions to set up your page and get your team started today:

1. Visit the Registration Link for your event (we need to figure out where these will be )

2. Click “Become a Fundraiser”

3. On the pop-up window click “create a team”

4. On the next pop-up window, click “create an account”
(If you’ve registered with one of our events previously, click “log-in” and skip to step #8, if not continue to step #5)
Click on “Register”

5. Once prompted by the pop-up window, select “Create an Account.”

6. Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account using your email or Facebook account.

7. Once registered you will be prompted to add details to your Team Fundraising Page. This is your team’s unique page that you can share with friends and family to ask for support.

8. You will be required to fill in the following information:

Team Name (pick a name your players will recognize)
Fundraising Goal (check the tournament details to see if there is a required minimum fundraising amount…..but be sure to aim as high as possible)
Team Page Headline (something to get people’s attention)
Upload a Photo (use a photo of your team….people are much more likely to donate if they see the team’s picture on the page!)

9. Congratulations! Your Team Page is registered. As team captain, you can come back any time to modify the page.