Team Captain User Guide

As a team captain, you alone have the ability to manage donations and make updates to your team page. In this support article, we will help you navigate to your team dashboard and will walk through the different features to help you better engage and manage your team.

1. Login To Your Supporter Dashboard

First, log in to the Supporter Dashboard that was automatically created for you the first time you donated or created a fundraising page.  You can access this by going to then select the “Login” option at the top right-hand side of the screen. If you have forgotten your password, reset it within the login window.

If you are already logged in, you can access your Supporter Dashboard from Fundraiser page by hovering your mouse over the avatar in the top right-hand corner of the screen and selecting My Profile.

2. Select The Teams Tab And Click "Manage Team"

On the Supporter Page, select the Team tab to display your team. Click on the Manage Team icon to open your team dashboard.

Once you’re in your team dashboard, you can easily navigate between managing your team page and individual fundraising page by clicking the Go To button in the top-right corner.

3. How To Edit Your Team Details

As with individual fundraiser pages, you have the option to edit the details of your team page. Click on the Details tab to open the editor.

Profile picture: Upload a picture of your team to let donors know who they are supporting. The recommended profile picture size is 300×300.

Headline: Let your audience know what your team is all about! This headline description will appear right below your team name on the team page.

Goal: The amount you hope to fundraise. You can always adjust the amount at a later date if you find that you have overestimated, or hopefully underestimated your team’s potential!

Default thank you message: Set the standard Thank You message that is sent to any donors who give directly to your team page. Something like, “Thanks for helping us support [your charity’s name]. Your gift is much appreciated.

Set your vanity URL: This is the URL or link that will appear in your browser’s address box when donors visit your page. 

Team Notifications: Control whether your team receives notifications for comments, donations, or fundraisers joining the team. You can also control if they receive encouragement emails with status updates.  

Don’t forget to save your changes when you are done!

4. How To Edit Your Page Story

Your page story explains to people why you are fundraising. To edit your story, click on the Story Tab in your team dashboard, and scroll to the text block to start editing. Personalizing your story with photos, video, and text will help communicate the importance of your cause to supporters.

You can also edit your story from the Edit Your Story card on the Overview tab. Click on the Compose button in the card to open the story editor. If the Edit Your Story card is not displayed, skip the remaining cards until you get to the Reset Cards button.

The Story tab also has an option for posting updates to your page.

5. How To Thank A Donor

There are three different ways to thank donors for their contributions. 

Thank from the Donations tab
From your team dashboard, select the Donations tab to generate a list of donations made to your fundraising page.

Select the Thank button located to the right of a donation, type your message, and click Comment! You can also use the Mark Thanked feature, which indicates who you have thanked and who you have yet to thank for their donation.

Thank from your activity feed 

From your live team fundraising page, scroll down until you see the Fundraising Page Activity Feed located near the bottom of the page. This will display the most recent activity on your page. You can thank donors here by clicking the Reply button next to a donation, typing your thank you message in the resulting text field, and selecting Post Comment.

Thank through Email

From your team dashboard, select the Emails tab, then select the Thank your donors email template. If you prefer to thank your donors via email, this will provide you with a pre-populated thank you email template. 

Select Copy Message, paste the copied language into a new email in your personal email account, and send the thank you. This copied message contains a link back to your personal fundraising page as well!

6. How To Share Your Team Fundraising Page

Sharing your fundraising page is easy and critical to reaching your fundraising goal. As a team captain, you can easily share your team page using three methods. 

Share From Your Team Dashboard
From the Team Dashboard, you have three different options for sharing your fundraising page: Facebook, Twitter, and URL link share. Click on the appropriate icon to share your page. 

Share From Your Fundraising Page
You can also share from your live team fundraising page. On the top right of the page, there is an Arrow icon that expands the sharing options. Click the arrow to share your page via Twitter, Facebook or Email.

Share Using Your Page URL 

The last way to share your team fundraising page with your network is to send your page URL via email. You can simply copy the URL in the address bar of your browser, and paste it into an email to send to potential donors!