Getting Started

1. Customize Your Fundraising Page

This is where it all starts. Make sure you personalize your team and individual pages with photos, information about your chosen charity, and your fundraising goals.

2. Set Your Goals

Setting specific goals makes a huge difference in your fundraising efforts. Your supporters will push harder to reach those goals and you’ll get more donations that if you didn’t have any goals.

3. Identify Your Audience

Who are you going to target with your fundraising efforts. Be specific. Start with friends and family and branch out. Make a list of every group of people that you want to reach out to so you don’t miss anyone. 

Need Help Setting Up Your Page?

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Finding Supporters

Start The Ball Rolling

No one wants to be first. So the best way to see the donations start coming in is to make one yourself. When people see that you are putting up your own money, they are many times more likely to donate themselves.

Friends and Family

Your friends and family are the most likely to want to help and support what you are doing, so start there. Make sure to include a request for them to forward your fundraising page on to their friends.

Follow Up & Thanks

Don’t stop at one message. Follow up to make sure they got the message and see if they have any questions. And don’t forget to say THANKS to those that donated and ask them to forward your page to their friends. 

Ways To Maximize Your Fundraising

Now that you have everything set up, here are some tips for leveling up your fundraising efforts so you can really make a difference. 

Send Frequent Updates

Whether they have donated already or not, you need to keep everyone on your list updated on your progress. Not only is this great for those who have already donated to see your success, but it is also a subtle way to encourage those that have not yet donated to get in the game!

Our system tells you exactly how close you are to your individual and team goals as well as where you stand compared to other fundraisers on your team and overall in the tournament. Even people who have already donated may be compelled to donate a little more to put you over the top for a fundraising goal or to help you move up in the donor rankings.

Use Multiple Points Of Contact

Everyone has their favorite way of getting information. For some it is email, others text, and others may prefer connecting on Facebook. That’s why you need to use all these available methods to reach your potential supporters. 

Don't Be Afraid To Pick Up The Phone

Actually talking to people is still the single best way to generate support for your goals. You may not be able to call everyone, but when it comes to your closer contacts like friends and family, just pick up the phone and let them know what you’re doing and tell them about the charity you’re supporting. Then when you follow up with an email, text, or social media post…they’ll be much more likely to donate. 


Most frequent questions and answers

It’s easy, if you are a player then visit our Supporter User Guide and if you are a team captain, visit our Captain’s User Guide

Every team and individual fundraising page has social share icons right below the main image on the right. Just click on whichever method you want to use to share the page. You can also use this as a shortcut to email the link to others. 

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