New Monthly Feature Recognizing A Play It Forward MVP

Announcing a new monthly feature we will be starting here to follow in our tradition of recognizing outstanding people in the sports community…the Play It Forward MVP!

Our mission is to improve lives by empowering the sports community to give back to those in need. As part of that, the Play It Forward team wants to make sure that other individuals within the sports community who are also giving back to those in need get the recognition they deserve. So every month, Play It Forward will be featuring our Monthly MVP. 

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Matt Bennett received the 2017 Play It Forward Award.

 We believe that sports are a vehicle of good in the world. They are something that brings us together as people. Playing sports teaches young and old alike to meet each other as equals on the field no matter what their background is. It teaches sportsmanship, hard work, learning from failure, and the will to get up and try again. Sports have given us so much and that is why it is so important that we pass this along to as many people as possible and give give back to those in need. 

The Monthly MVP will be someone who has demonstrated that they are dedicated to these ideals. We want to help those people advance their goals and inspire others to do the same. We hope to feature each individual with a video interview so they can talk about what they do and whatever organization or cause they work with, if that’s the case. Our hope is that whatever publicity we can give will help them achieve their goals as well as earn them the recognition they deserve.  

So if you know someone that should be nominated, please click below and send us a message with a brief explanation of who that person is and why you think they should be nominated.  

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